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Hey there, this is the first in a category which I’ve titled “house rulez” since well, they are house rules we use to make 4E better. Or rather, what we believe to be better.

One small issue I have with 4E is that potions now seems to need to be “powered” by surges. While this plays mechanically, and prevents a certain amount of potion obsession among characters, it’s logically flawed. Particularly where healing is involved. While I am quite ok with someone drinking a potion and spending a surge to produce a Non-healing benefit, it makes no sense to spend a surge in order to produce a healing benefit. Or rather, why would I drink the healing potion if I have a healing surge? Duh…

Well mechanically your options are limited of course, since you can only second wind, once during an encounter, barring the fear third wind. And healing options have their limits. All of which I enjoy. But the level 5 Potion of Healing asks you to spend a healing surge to receive 10HP of healing. While at first level this may sound great, following levels get more and more gipped by this low return on investment.

Ergo, the following House Rule was born in my game. Subsequently the Id DM decided to use it as well.

Rule = When consuming a Potion of Healing, the user can receive the 10 HP of healing; Or use a Healing Surge to receive their full surge value.



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