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So I finally got around to posting some pictures of the new upgrades around the table. So folks have been requesting that I update the latest features, so I figured I might as well do it here. The biggest addition has to be the wiring I’ve put in under the table. Not because it looks cool, but because of what it does for the gaming experience. This is really cool because it allows any player to plug-in a laptop, clip fan, or any electronic device directly under the table. How did I do it? Easy.

First I cut small holes in the support legs with a drill fitted with a round saw bit, then one in the middle center line to join the two sides. I then mounted a power splitter under the center section, and connected another splitter through the middle so as to service the opposite side. This also lets the DM hook up under the table too.

Power Splitter under table.

In the picture you can see the storage compartment under the tray which was a later addition about 2 years ago. Any connection cables come up behind the tray, which is under the table yet over the tray. This has become really handy, as we now use YAHOO IM for secret messaging instead of the AIM hand helds I bought way back when. (more…)


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I know the Combat Manager from Dragonpro has been around for a while, but their new initiative tracker tool is VERY cool! I’ve always liked the Combat Manager, but the one thing I always wished it did was to have a player facing initiative tracker that didn’t show mob HP. Well that’s finally a dream come true.

Click to Enlarge

The way it works is that the combat manager now has a web server function which launches the external tracker as an outward facing web app, which can be viewed on an internet browser or even an Iphone, or Ipad. I won’t go into the advantages of using the Combat Manager program since many other blogs and YouTube videos show this, but I did want to go into some details on the advantages of the initiative tracker; and give some tips for getting it running. (more…)

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So, as Morgoth, my little wizard, looked over our parties recent treasure haul from our last adventure, we had a Longsword +2, (common item) that nobody wanted. So I went to sell it. Well, common items sell for 20%, ergo it’s price of 1800gp was going to be cut down to 360gp which is sort of sad considering it’s a magic item. Then, a thought occured to me what if I disenchant the item for residuum? Well again it yeilds 20% since the item is common.

Then an epiphany!

Talk about an upgrade!

The Enchant Magic Item Ritual allows you to upgrade an existing item for the difference in cost. So the Longsword +2 it worth 1800gp. To create a Pact Sword +2 takes an 800GP investment. (Total cost of the new sword = 2600gp) The kicker is that a Pact Sword +2 is an Uncommon Item! So now you have an Uncommon item worth 2600gp. With the Disenchant Magic Item Ritual, you can turn a magic item to Residuum as I noted previously. Uncommon items are converted into 50% of their cost. So by disenchanting the Pact Sword +2, you yeild 1300GP worth of Residuum!!! Which can be used or sold for an equal amount of gold. You just made a 500GP profit for several hours work plus the cost of the disenchantment!

So, those uncommon plus weapons are now a good way to make some GP/Residuum in order to be used to craft items of greater power!!!

So crafters of the World rejoice!

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